Rigid-flex PCB PCB supply chain this season operating stays
2013-7-21                     Source: market

After the release of the iPhone 5 stocks mediocre, but the results of this season was to play a supporting role, the Taiwan-based soft board, hard board PCB supply chain revenue performance from August to heat up, the quarterly expected relative with support. ITRI IEK, driven Apple related products in the second half, PCB output value compared with the first half is expected to grow 5.7%.

 According to industry statistics, the iPhone 5 soft board supply plant including Qisheng, Sumitomo Chemical, Fujikura, F-Zhen Ding, Taiwan county; HDI board suppliers you have four into the column, including Ibi electrical Unimicron China through , AT & S, the number of home supply compared to the previous iPhone series even less, and the largest supplier to the Japanese.

 Beginning in August, the soft, hard board vendor revenue performance began to heat up, Taiwan County, F-Pottinger Huatong consolidated revenue hit a recent high in August, officially released the iPhone 5 and start up the goods flows under this season operations to see Wang, will have to go beyond the performance of the second quarter.

The PCB industry boom this year has been worse than expected, continued to lag behind last year for this year's estimates, but ITRI IEK, Apple family of products, driven by the second half of the year, the output value of Taiwan businessmen in the two sides of the PCB 266 billion expected to watch yuan, compared with the 2,515 million in the first half of this year, an increase of 5.7% in the third quarter, single-season output value of the fourth quarter were $ 135 billion, 131 billion, the next season is only a 3% decline