Estimates: in 2012, Taiwan's LED production value of up to $ 4.6 billion
2018-7-22                     Source: market

  Data show that the estimated value of $ 17.5 billion 2012 global LED industry, Taiwan's LED production value amounted to $ 4.6 billion, plus energy issues continue to be taken seriously, high efficiency light source with the lighting management system to enhance the overall lighting performance and quality intelligent lighting system lighting industry, including the development trend. To help the development of Taiwan's lighting industry towards high value, Industrial Technology Research Institute and Institute for Information Industry in support of the Department of Industrial Technology, combined with six public associations and industry alliance to form the Taiwan LED lighting standard to reconcile meeting, after several times to reconcile discussion by the five "Smart lighting systems standard" common standards, to become Taiwan's first lighting system industry.

  Associations of Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association, Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association, the Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association, China polyethylene industry common standards to promote the Foundation, LED street light Industry Alliance, Commission on Illumination Industry Alliance hope to wisdom the establishment of standards of lighting systems, led the integration of industrial chain, to expand market opportunities, and promote Taiwan's lighting industry towards high-value and standardization development.

  Taiwan LED lighting standard to reconcile meeting, president of the catechumens, for the LED industry, the development of standards in the lighting system will help to accelerate the standardization of smart lighting systems in Taiwan. Therefore, the support of the Department of Industrial Technology, we accelerate the combination of industry to establish common and consistent lighting networking standards, developed to meet the standards of products and systems, and thus contributed to industrial development and the integration of industrial chain, the formation of the cluster effect, hoping to stimulate Taiwan's lighting industry towards high-value and standardization to fight the fast-growing global lighting business opportunities.

  ITRI Center for Measurement Standards Officer Duan Jia Rui said that by ITRI and III, and six public Association "Taiwan's LED lighting standards to reconcile meeting unanimously adopted five" Smart lighting systems standards ", covers the wisdom of lighting function of the system, wide area network road interface, network interface of the field, the five major areas of network design and lighting of the field, can effectively facilitate industry include lighting, systems management platform, lighting networks, sensor technology, and the wisdom of analysis, downstream integration. Is also to be synchronized to apply for a national standards framework Taiwan wisdom complete lighting system, the future will be through the CIE-Taiwan participate in the international lighting Organization standards discussion of this standard to be extended to international standards to enhance Taiwan's influence on the international lighting standards.

  Through the establishment of the "Smart lighting systems standard" allows the standardization of smart lighting systems, so that a wide range of applications in the life of the surrounding environment, such as parking lot lighting, street lighting, public space that even according to indoor lighting. And assist every county and city can have a unified standard compatible with each other using lighting systems, phased import lighting system has a consistent standard, and to enhance management efficiency.

  At the same time, through the formulation of standards, but also can help manufacturers to develop products and systems meet the standards, and to promote the wisdom of lighting to be vertically integrated to create the cluster effect. Expectations of the future through multi-channels to participate in the ISO, thereby promoting the five "Smart lighting systems standard" reference to the standards of the international lighting standards organization, to assist in the lighting industry in Taiwan to successfully enter the international market, expand market opportunities of global intelligence lighting.

  Learned that the standard street light standard case in the New Taipei, Taiwan triple District, Penghu first import, have been announced at the end of last year, Taiwan's Executive Yuan, Taiwan set up lights measures "(a total of 326,000 LED lights) some local governments to start the bidding program within this year, short term at least part of the standard case it was too late to catch up, but through the efforts of the production and research sector, the year after, these tenders are coming to see results.

  "Smart lighting systems standard addition to the integration of the continent industry standard, another major purpose of cross-strait standard bypass, focuses on three major points: technical, cost, safety. Chinese market in this area is scanty, Taiwan factory standard integrated blessing, technology and cost competitiveness will be further enhanced, thereby strengthening the opportunities for Taiwan factory the development of China's lighting market.