Roadblocks for Chinese LED Manufacturers to Overcome
2017-7-30                     Source: LEDinside

In the midst of China’s tightening natural resources, serious environmental pollution, degrading ecosystems, society is increasingly focused on the “beautiful China, ecological civilization, and green development.” The LED technology has become an emerging industry comprised of a two core business strategies, a new generation of communication technologies and energy saving technology. LED companies in lighting, display and backlight industry have sprung out like young bamboo shoots after spring showers. 

However, the industry’s development has not been a smooth ride. Foreign manufacturers have monopolized the technology market in China. The industry in China also faces challenges of being overtly small, incomplete supply chains, and oversupply in the midstream and downstream markets. Despite being the “star” of the era, the industry is facing a bottleneck. How can companies cope pragmatically during an industry low tide? How should social awareness change to create a better environment for industry development? How can the Chinese government speed up industry standardization and corresponding development policies?

Recently, LEDinside Director Roger Chu and Lawrence Lin, Marketing and Sales General Manager at MLS were invited as guest speakers to “China’s Positive Energy” (literal translation), a TV program produced by Xinhuanet. The two shared insights on LED green lighting industry.