Wyze, a smart home company, launched the networking smart LED light belt
2021-7-16                     Source: CnBeta
Wyze, a smart home company founded by Amazon's former employees, recently launched another lighting product that can connect to the Internet. At present, the ribbon has been ordered, users can add highlight lighting anywhere in the home through the "peel and paste" function. Unlike most ribbons, wyze ribbons can be controlled with a mobile phone.

Wyze ribbon can be connected to realize intelligent functions, including automatically adjusting the color temperature of the synchronous ribbon according to the time of the day. Like connected light bulbs, wyze ribbon also supports holiday mode, sleep program, automatic program and timer. It also supports voice control from Google assistant and Alexa.

A more interesting feature of the product is the music mode, which enables the light wand to keep up with the music rhythm through the built-in microphone. Both wyze light strip and light strip Pro versions have adjustable white and RGB LEDs. But the difference is that pro can provide 16 million colors and 16 custom color segments.

Currently, wyze light strip costs $25.99 for 16.4 feet and $35.99 for 32.8 feet. Meanwhile, the wyze light strip Pro costs $30.99 and the 32.8-foot strip costs $44.99. Both products can be ordered now