Guoxing photoelectric plant lighting related products have achieved mass production
2021-3-19                     Source: LEDē½‘
On March 16, Guoxing optoelectronics disclosed on the investor interaction platform that the company's non visual light source Division has developed and produced relevant plant lighting products that can be used in the field of marijuana cultivation and has achieved mass production.

It is reported that in August 2018, Guoxing optoelectronics officially established the non visual light source division, which is committed to the R & D, production and sales of infrared, ultraviolet and animal and plant led special devices. Among them, in the field of plant lighting, Guoxing photoelectric non visual light source Division has launched a series of high luminous efficiency plant lighting LED products.

This series of products fully cover 380-760nm monochromatic light series LED with different wavelengths, discontinuous spectrum excited by phosphor, continuous spectrum full spectrum series and sunlight full spectrum series LED products, so as to meet different spectral needs of plants.

At the same time, in order to make LED plant lighting products closer to the needs of plant growth, Guoxing photoelectric non visual light source business department has specially established a plant photobiology research laboratory.

According to the characteristics of different vegetables, Guoxing photoelectric plant photobiology laboratory is divided into hydroponic culture area and matrix culture area to study and observe the effects of LED light quality spectrum and light mode (photoperiod and light intensity) on the growth physiology of fruits and vegetables, leafy vegetables and high value-added medicinal plants, and screen out efficient and energy-saving plant spectrum formulas.

Relying on the plant photobiology research laboratory, Guoxing optoelectronics has designed several sets of LED plant lighting schemes, covering the fields of family planting, greenhouse planting, plant factory, outdoor greening planting and so on.

It is worth noting that the factory lighting enterprise matrix is growing. In addition to Guoxing optoelectronics, OSRAM, Philips, Infineon, xinnuofei, current, Cree, Samsung, Seoul semiconductor, San'an optoelectronics, Huacan optoelectronics, Hongli Zhihui, Xuyu optoelectronics, blue lithium core and other enterprises are laying out plant lighting through different development strategies, and the development prospect of plant lighting industry is becoming broader and broader.