Test results of bulb attracting insects: warm LED lamp is better than insect repellent lamp
2016-4-1                     Source: 电子时报
A University scientist in the United States used six kinds of commercial bulbs, such as incandescent bulb and LED lamp, to find that incandescent bulbs are the most attractive to insects, while warm LED lamps are better than insect repellent lamps, and the ability to attract insects is the worst.

Michael justice, who has obtained a PhD from the University of North Carolina, has been in the American Association for the advancement of.Sciences, according to sciencealert; AAAS) the report was released at the general meeting.

The team set up a funnel trap lamp outdoors, which contained a light bulb, and switched six different bulbs in turn every night, and then counted the insect species and quantity in the funnel at morning. In order to avoid the interference of the moon, the researchers also drew the moon cycle in advance to ensure that each light bulb exposed to the moon in the experiment to the same extent.

Justice also pointed out that in order to reduce the disturbance of climate, and also study weather prediction in advance, results three months later, one species caught 8887 insects, and found that the ability of various bulbs to attract insects was different.

In general, incandescent bulbs attract the most insects, followed by energy-saving bulbs (CFL), halogen lamps and cold color LED lamps. The last one is insect repellent lamp, but the first champion is the warm color LED lamp.

Justice also pointed out that the effect of insect repellent lights is not only inconsistent with advertising claims, but also more likely to attract specific insects, such as Hemiptera, including bugs, and earwigs.

He also said it was the first time that direct comparative studies were conducted outdoors with major types of light bulbs. After LED is widely used, the effect of light pollution on insects can be reduced greatly.