Samsung led humanistic rhythm lighting solution
2020-4-15                     Source: 第一设计

Samsung's first "Humanistic rhythm lighting" led device lm302n is the latest series of products launched by Samsung based on its in-depth research on melanopsin spectral engineering.

Lm302n can effectively regulate the secretion of human melatonin by controlling 480nm blue-green light, so as to ensure that the human body can maintain sufficient energy during the day and get enough relaxation and rest at night.

Humanistic rhythm lighting
In the process of realizing biological effects, lm302n series products can effectively balance lighting performance with as little light effect loss as possible, and provide a variety of color temperature options from warm white to cold white.

Lm302n series products
Lm302n daytime model can inhibit the secretion of melatonin level by increasing M / P ratio and provide more energy for the human body. Even in low brightness environment, higher M / P ratio and higher mdei can bring greater excitation effect. It can provide a variety of color temperature options from 3000K warm white to 6500k cold white.

Provide energy for the human body during the day and increase the ratio of P / m
Lm302n night model can promote the secretion of melatonin level and bring more relaxation moments by reducing the M / P ratio. Even in high brightness environment, lower m / P ratio and lower mdei can bring greater relaxation effect. It can provide a variety of color temperature options from 1800K warm white to 4000K cold white.

By reducing the M / P ratio at night, it brings more relaxation moments to the human body
Melatonin is a sleep hormone in the human body. It can effectively improve sleep quality by shortening the awakening time and falling asleep time before going to bed, and has strong sensitivity to blue-green wavelength light.
According to the results of clinical medical trials conducted by Samsung Electronics and Korea National University on 30 people aged 20-50 years:

Clinical trial of "Humanistic rhythm" lighting medicine
Under the same light conditions, compared with traditional lighting, "Humanistic rhythm" lighting can reduce the level of melatonin during the day by 18% and improve the degree of concentration by 3%.

Regulation of "Humanistic rhythm" illumination on melatonin secretion
It can increase melatonin level by 5% at night and make people enter deep sleep 52 minutes in advance.

"Humanistic rhythm" lighting regulates sleep quality
As Samsung's first "Humanistic rhythm" lighting LED device, lm302n series is divided into day excitation type and nite relaxation type. The two devices can be combined in one lamp to better help people adjust the 24-hour natural circadian rhythm of the body. This dual channel lighting application will provide a better choice for people who spend most of their time indoors to fight against the chaos of biological clock.

Lm302n product parameters

*M / P ratio (melanopic / photopic ratio): the ratio of non visual effect to visual effect in the spectrum. The greater the value, the more effective it is to inhibit the secretion of melatonin.
*MDER (melanopic daylight efficiency ratio): the ratio of spectral non visual effect to visual effect based on standard illuminant D65.
*D65: a measurement standard light source defined by the international lighting Commission.